'AD' Would Have Crossed 'Magadheera'

21/10/2013 15:49




While the optimism of Power Star Fans on ‘atharintiki daaredi’ to reach the top seat of Tollywood by pushing ‘Magadhera’ to No 2 position is still possible, some of our overseas sources say that movie would have achieved this feat long ago. But, what is the real hurdle which is still stopping ‘AD’? Yes, it is the piracy version of movie. As we all know, the piracy version of movie is released online much before the official release. Later on, the active attempts by Cyber Crime Cell and other Power Star Fans helped the movie for a safe release with super hit talk from day one.

Unfortunately, there are still few more links of ‘AD’ available on net and some say, there is even a blu-ray print functioning in some sites. From second week, collections of movie were not in par with those expected for a hit Pawan Kalyan movie. Reason is, many of the Telugu families in USA were enjoying this online print. Even this has deterred the flow of repeat audience to theatres. Else, ‘AD’ would have breached 100 Crores mark by now.