Debate on AD Success

01/10/2013 01:00

Debate on AD Success Range

The first day of release will be a deciding factor for any movie. For big budget and star hero films, it becomes much more pressing and pivotal. Thankfully, there was no such effect of political agitations on the release of ‘atharintiki daaredi’ and all the areas in Andhra Pradesh welcomed the movie with open hands. Resultantly, first day records are broken in all the areas and collections showed the real Power of Power Star.

As of now, everywhere the debate is about what is the final position of ‘AD’ in top list of Tollywood? To decide or estimate this, Fans and anti Fans are collecting the official numbers from near by media sources and analyzing the trends. Some say, there is a drastic drop in collections from first day to second and to third. Well, reasons for this downfall might be many but a movie to go on top of the topper list requires some sort of wow factors like 100-men-episode in ‘Magadheera’ or Kalla Kinda Carry Bag kind of comedy in ‘Dookudu’ or Antakshari kind of magic in ‘Gabbar Singh’ or Evadu-Kodithe-Dimma-Tirigi genre of heroism punches in ‘Pokiri.’ Such elements will help pulling a huge repeats for movie. Some of the film lovers say… can anyone find such ever-memorable instances in ‘AD’ except the charm and magic around Pawan's name?