Pawan Kalyan is in FIRST

21/10/2013 15:42
                                                                   Who Are the Real Competitors of No.1 Slot?

Who are the real competitors of number one slot to tollywood? With this question, we have innumerable analyses from the analysts and movie goers. However, trade people are also having some parameters for recognizing the number one hero of tollywood and based on the statuses of those heroes, they go for the business of films. According to them; 

* A number one hero's film has to be bought by the buyers in all time record prices in maximum number of areas. 

* In spite of the talk, the movie should collect an all time record in 'First Day Shares'. And then, good collections must be recorded in its 3 days run as well as in the first week.

* The hero should carry very  good success percentage in his career and should have a latest all time record breaking hit into his credit.

* To sum up, Power Star Pawan Kalyan seems to have fulfilled all the above demands recentyly, and stands at number one position unofficially at least for some time. But then, what about the positions of other heroes? With three back to back hits, Mahesh Babu appears to be the number one hero of tollwood on par with Pawan Kalyan. However,till the release of Mahesh Babu's 'SVSC' and Ram Charan's 'Naayak', 'Naayak' had done an all time record business in almost all the centers of AP,Karnataka and Rest of India,beating 'SVSC's pre release business. Later, he delivered a disaster film 'Thoofan'. However, trade sources consider it as a dubbing film.So, the competition is set between Mahesh's '1' and Ram Charan's 'Yevadu'. If any of these movies scores blockbuster hit, the hero of that particular movie will surely consider as a number one hero for sure apart from Pawan Kalyan.But then, who is that hero? Let's wait and watch.