Pawan Kalyan Pictures everywere in Charmi's Mantra-2

10/10/2013 00:03
                                                                Pawan Kalyan Picture in Charmi Bed Room

The name of Pawan Kalyan is enough to boost the Box Office collections by manifolds. This applies not just for Power Star films even for other small and medium budgeted movies. It has come like a trend in Tollywood to use Power Star’s name or photo or dialogue to woo the Fans. This time Charmi has also done the same in ‘mantra 2,’ currently in shooting stages. ‘mantra 2’ is a sequel to first part ‘Mantra,’ a super hit. 

One still of ‘mantra 2’ released just a while ago shows a Pawan Kalyan picture pasted on the walls of Charmi’s bed room. This one directly interprets the kind of following Pawan has got among young girls. It could be a hostel or special bed room of Charmi but the message is clear, her character in ‘mantra 2’ admires Power Star. Let us wish that, Pawan would come to the rescue of Charmi in this horror flick.