Power *'s 'Khushi' Industry Hit Story

04/10/2013 23:31
                                                                                              Pawan's 'Khushi' Industry Hit Story

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's latest movie 'Atharintiki Daredi' is on its way breaking many industry records. In this scenario, let us recollect the records of Pawan Kalyan's then industry movie 'khushi'. Following are the details of those records.

* 'khushi' was released on 27th April, 2001 and turned out to be an industry hit breaking the collection records of previous industry hit movie 'Narasimha Naidu'.

* The movie collected a share of Rs.24 crores in its full run. Previous industry hit movie 'Narasimha Naidu' collected nearly Rs.22 crores in its full run.

* Area wise collections of 'khushi' are, Nizam-8.50 cr., Ceded-4.25 cr., 'Nellore-0.75 cr.,Krishna-1.75 cr.,Guntur-2.00cr.,Vizag-2 cr.,East Godavari-1.50cr.,West Godavari-1.50cr. and 1.75 crores share in other parts of India.

* The movie recorded worth fulls for 50 days in 23 theaters.

* In 'Eluru', the movie got house fulls uninterrupted for 154 days.

* In Sandhya70MM of Hyderabad, the movie collected a gross of Rs.1.60 crores and a share of Rs.1.13 crores and  which is an amazing record then. 

* The movie collected Rs.40 lakhs share each in 5 centers across the state. Previous record was just one center.

* The movie collected Rs.20 lakhs share each in 26 centers across the state. Previous record was 18 centers.

* The movie ran 50 days directly in 102 centers while 100 days run directly in 73 centers. However, movie could not get the run records as Pawan Kalyan was not interested in run records then.

* The movie created 65 town records. Previous industry hit  created 35 town records.