AD Piracy CDs Seized

30/09/2013 08:25

Looks like, the draconian piracy is still in love with ‘atharintiki daaredi.’ On one hand, this film has been doing tremendous business with earth shattering collections, on the other hand piracy CDs are still trying to find their ways into market. Nearly 2300 piracy ‘AD’ CDs were seized by police in Swapna Video Library, KPHB. Whether this is the pre-release 90 minutes version or completely uploaded new version is yet to be known. Anyways, the Cyber Crime teams are active and Power Star Fans are vigilant to pass on any important information regarding the piracy.

There are thousands and lakhs of lives dependent on movies. It forms our basic duty to provide bread and butter for them by discouraging piracy. Enjoy the movie on big screens to feel the real essence and respect their hard work. Our Telugu public shown big heart for good movies umpteen times in past and let us prove it again now.